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UHTFOC Mission Statement

Home of the Southside Adult Family Literacy Program

United – emphasizes the approach and need to all agree and be on the same page with the same intent and intensity for a community focused program to work.

Heritage – emphasizes the important contributions of those that came before us and it includes anyone, place, or thing that has.

Total – speaks to the fact that this is a holistic approach that recognizes that no one person or concern is a solution, but that we must deal with the whole.

Family – it is all about the family, the family is where it begins and where it should end, support and fix the family, and everything else will follow.

Outreach – speaks to the fact that to be effective you have to reach out to the community, they will not come to you. Especially if they are of low self-esteem.

Coalition – The program is set up to work with the community, local, regional, state, and federal partners and other 501.c3 programs, it is the only way.



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